Many thanks to EPTA Finland who hosted

the 39th European Conference of EPTA Associations

at the Helsinki Conservatoire, 10th–13th August 2017



The theme of the Conference was 

Inspiration in Teaching, Learning and Playing.


EPTA Family after the Annual General Meeting in Helsinki (left to right):

Absolute Front:  Katarina Nummi-Kuisma (EPTA Finnland, European EPTA President 2016/17)  and Primož Mavrič (EPTA Slovenia); 1st Row: Riine Pajusaar (EPTA Estonia), Véronique Bonnecaze (Paris), Anna Run Atladottir (EPTA Iceland), Evelina Batey (EPTA Malta), Diane Andersen (EPTA Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles), Eeva Sarmanto –Neuvonen (EPTA Finland), Nadia Lasserson (EPTA Europe Organising Secretary), Murray McLachlan (EPTA UK & EPTA Europe Chair), Marcella Crudelli (EPTA Italy), Susan Bettaney (EPTA UK, EPTA Europe Executive Committee Member); 2nd Row: Lembit Orgse (EPTA Estonia), Elin Persson (EPTA Norway), Ida Gamulin (EPTA Croatia), Hande Dalkılıç (Turkey), Dagmar Schinnerl (EPTA Austria); 3rd Row:  Marilia Patricio (EPTA Germany), Olga de Kort (EPTA The Netherlands), Marc Theuns (EPTA Belgium Flanders Brussels), Coos de Wit (EPTA The Netherlands), Mariann Abraham (EPTA Hungary), Jani Aarrevaara (EPTA Finland), Heidi Schneider (EPTA Austria); 4th Row: Ólöf Jónsdóttir (EPTA Iceland), Otto Graf (EPTA Norway), two Chinese teachers with Austrian Patrick Lechner, starting EPTA China Associates, Ulla Erml (EPTA Denmark); 5th Row: Luis Pipa (EPTA Portugal), Katariina Liimatainen (EPTA Finnland), Jean-Jacques Dünki (EPTA Switzerland); Back: Patrick Jovell (EPTA Sweden)

For more information about the Conference click here or send an email.


We are now eagerly anticipating the celebratory

40th International EPTA Conference,

Valletta, Malta, 27th30th September 2018,

with PIANO PRODIGIES as its theme.

The Conference will be organized as a part of the special 7th edition of the Valletta International PIANO Festival, which will be dedicated to Valletta – The European City of Culture 2018.



The Psychology of Piano Technique

The third book in EPTA UK Piano Professional series for Faber is now available for international purchase on the Amazon.com site.



The Psychology of Piano Technique is much more than a musical self-help book, dealing with a large range of topics and problems which pianists of all levels constantly face. This third volume in the Piano Professional series takes a technical perspective on what have traditionally been seen as psychological issues, presenting a new approach for performing musicians and their teachers. Author Murray McLachlan deals with a wide range of subjects relevant to pianists including stage fright, inspiration, injury, short-term tactics for success and long-term development strategies. He also emphasizes the importance of a positive mind-set, and a comfortable, joyful and calmly creative way of thinking. 



Piano Journal No. 112


From the contents: Elena Strikovskaya – Medtner Piano Sonatas * David Kuyken in Conversation with Murray McLachlan * Ralph Kirkpatrick: Keyboard Musician by Canadian pianist and teacher Lawrence Jones * Tone Colours on the Piano: Acoustic Predisposition or Contextual Illusion? Part 2 by Miha Haas, Ljubljana Academy of Music, Slovenia  * Teaching the Adult Beginner Piano Student by Jelena Simonović-Kovačević * Forum: EPTA Malta Yesterday and Today by Nancy Lee Harper, with Evelina Batey * From the Archives * Reviews * EPTA News 


Available for purchase.



It can aptly be said that EPTA represents

The voice of piano teachers everywhere.

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EPTA – European Piano Teachers Association

is the most prestigious Organisation with almost 40 National Associations in Europe.

EPTA’s aims are:

  • To work towards raising the standard of piano teaching and performance,
  • To establish close links with pianists and piano teachers everywhere,
  • To organize conferences and workshops where teachers can meet, exchange ideas and have discussions in open forums.





Founded by Carola Grindea in 1978 in London it has today grown along with the expansion of the European borders. Every association organizes its own congresses, workshops, seminars, recitals, masterclasses and is committed to present Young Artists Platforms, Competitions and European Young Artists Festivals. An Annual Conference of all EPTA Associations is held every year in a different country under the presidency of the host Association.



Carola Grindea (1914–2009)



Piano Journal

The first European magazine devoted entirely to the PIANO in all its aspects is published by EPTA.


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