EPTA Finland


39th European Conference of EPTA Associations

Conference fees: 
EPTA members 200€
Early bird fee 185€ until 10th May 2017                                                                                                      
Others (non EPTA members) 240€

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EPTA Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles & EPTA Russia


20th International Piano Week for Piano Solo and Piano Four Hands

24th July to 1st August  2017, Wavre, Belgium


Enjoy lessons with great pedagogues,

representing the European, American and Russian piano schools.


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EPTA Denmark

Denmark 2017

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EPTA Latvia

148x102_vitols-piano-competition_skat_eptaiPlease follow the link or email for further details. 


EPTA Croatia

KDZ_10.EPTA_Osijek 2017_Plakat_Draft_04-01


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EPTA Italy


XXVII Roma International Piano Competition

24th November–4th December 2017

Application deadline: 24th October 2017



Section “A” (one round, soloists born since 1998 onwards)
Section “B” (one round, soloists born since 1992 onwards)
Four Hands Duo Section (one round, born since 1983 onwards)
Two Pianos Section (one round, born since 1983 onwards)
“Chopin” Prize (three rounds, born since 1983 onwards)

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In 1989, the newborn Association “Chopin” decided to give life to a new activity aimed at young people: it was a National piano competition which had great success since its very beginning. The following year the contest for pianists had already become an International event.

With time, the competition has reached higher and higher goals which have been crowned, in 1996, by the granting of the High Patronage of the President of Italian Republic. Today, H.E. President Giorgio Napolitano bestows a personalized bronze plate to the winner. Among many sponsors, the Presidents of the Italian Senate and Chamber of Deputies donate their own medals to the second and third place winners of the “Chopin” Prize.

EPTA Europe is delighted to support the advertising of this competition, especially since the Association was founded by Marcella Crudeli, EPTA Italy President. 


EPTA Italy

XXVI "Roma" International Piano Competition 
28th October–7th November 2016
Application deadline: 28th September 2016


With the patronage of the Italian Commission for UNESCO, Medal of the President of the Republic
Member of the IFCS-International Federation of Chopin Societies & AAF-Alink Argerich Foundation

Section “A” (one round, soloists born since 1997 onwards)
Section “B” (one round, soloists born since 1991 onwards)
Four Hands Duo Section (one round, born since 1982 onwards)
Two Pianos Section (one round, born since 1982 onwards)
“Chopin” Prize (three rounds, born since 1982 onwards)

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EPTA Iceland

Will be hosting the 38th Annual EPTA Conference, 22nd–25th September 2016.

Iceland 2016

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EPTA Slovenia


6th International Carinthian Piano Competition


6th Carinthian Piano Competition
Radlje ob Dravi Music School
22nd–25th May 2016 

CATEGORIES: Piano Solo, Piano four-hands and Artistic category.

Application Deadline: 22nd April 2016

Further information and application form:

6th International Carinthian Piano Competition




EPTA Serbia - Vojvodina

8th International Isidor Bajić Piano Memorial Competition
Novi Sad, 11th–21st March 2016 

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EPTA Belgium Wallonie Bruxelles

Belgium competition-EPTA



13th Piano Competition 
“Les Rencontre Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes” 
Grez Doiceau-Belgium, Espace Culturel of Néthen
2nd–7th February 2016

Please visit the website to watch the prizewinners' videos:




EPTA Armenia

International Piano Duo Festival Competition
Yerevan, 19th December 2015

Age groups: A: 10–13, B: 14–17, C: 18–20




Founded by Carola Grindea in 1978 in London it has today grown along with the expansion of the European borders. Every association organizes its own congresses, workshops, seminars, recitals, masterclasses and is committed to present Young Artists Platforms, Competitions and European Young Artists Festivals. An Annual Conference of all EPTA Associations is held every year in a different country under the presidency of the host Association.



Carola Grindea (1914–2009)



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