EPTA Parent Oganisation


Charity Registered Number 1094973
Address: 34 Carver Road, London SE24 9LT
Tel/Fax: +44(0)20 7274 6821
Email: secretary@epta-europe.org
Website: www.epta-europe.org



Carola Grindea


Honorary European President:

Dominique Merlet


Honorary Vice Presidents:

Paul Badura Skoda, Alberto Portugheis, Malcolm Troup, Fanny Waterman DBE


EPTA European President (2017/2018)

Evelina Batey (President of EPTA Malta)


Vice Presidents

All Presidents of EPTA National Associations


EPTA Executive Commitee

Chairman: Murray McLachlan
Secretary: Nadia Lasserson
Treasurer: Keith Fitchett
Members of Executive Committee: Till Alexander Koerber, Evelina Batey, Katarina Nummi-Kuisma, Alan Paul & Susan Bettaney.



Founded by Carola Grindea in 1978 in London it has today grown along with the expansion of the European borders. Every association organizes its own congresses, workshops, seminars, recitals, masterclasses and is committed to present Young Artists Platforms, Competitions and European Young Artists Festivals. An Annual Conference of all EPTA Associations is held every year in a different country under the presidency of the host Association.



Carola Grindea (1914–2009)



Piano Journal

The first European magazine devoted entirely to the PIANO in all its aspects is published by EPTA.


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EPTA Associate members /Piano teachers and pianists residing outside Europe/: £25.00 Air Mail
European Subscriptions: £15.00
UK Subscriptions: £14.00
Corporate Institutions/Libraries:
Outside Europe: £27.00, European: £20.00, UK: £15.00  
Price for a single digital issue: £2.00

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