Index No. 1 (Vol. 1) – No. 55 (Vol. 19)

(Music Reviews, CD Reviews and Video Reviews not included)





Who’s Who of Pianists

ARGERICH, Martha talks to Alberto Portugheis no. 40 p. 5

ASHKENAZY, Vladimir talks to Carola Grindea no. 6 p. 5

BANOWETZ, Joseph talks to Carola Grindea no. 26 p. 5

BERMAN, Lazar talks to Alberto Portugheis no. 50 p.11

BOLET, Jorge talks to Carola Grindea no. 10 p. 5

BOULANGER, Nadia talks to Robert Dumm no. 16 p. 5

BRENDEL, Altred talks to Robert Dumm no. 24 p. 7

CASADESUS, Gaby talks to Carola Grindea no. 43 p. 5

CHERKASSKY, Shura talks to Carola Grindea no. 13 p. 5

CICCOLINI, Aldo talks to Carola Grindea no. 31 p. 7

CROSSLEY, Paul talks to Carola Grindea no. 30 p. 4

CRUDELI, Marcella talks in Rome to Malcolm Troup no. 54 p. 5

CZERNY, Carl “Interview” with Dr. M. W. A. Smith no. 39 p. 5

DONOHOE, Peter talks to Sue Edwards no. 38 p. 7

DOUGLAS, Barry talks to Carola Grindea no. 15 p. 5

FIRKUSNY, Rudolf talks to Carola Grindea no. 48 p. 5

FRANKL. Peter talks to Carola Grindea no. 9 p. 5

HOBSON, Ian talks to Carola Grindea no. 29 p. 7

HOWARD, Leslie talks to Carola Grindea no. 32 p. 7

KENTNER, Louis talks to Carola Grindea no. 1 p. 5

KOVACEVICH, Stephen talks to Alberto Portugheis no. 44 p. 7

KVAPIL, Radoslav talks to Malcolm Troup no.53 p. 5

LAIRES, Fernando and TRUE, Nelita talk to Carola Grindea no.34 p. 7

LILL, John talks to Carola Grindea no. 19 p. 5

LUPU, Radu talks to Carola Grindea no. 5 p. 5

LYMPANY, Moura talks to Carola Grindea no. 35 p. 5

MENUHIN, Jeremy, Yaltah and Hepzibah talk to Carola Grindea no. 3 p. 5

MERLET, Dominique talks to Carola Grindea no. 49 p. 11

OHLSSON, Garrick talks to Carola Grindea no. 55 p. 11

OGDON, John talks to Carola Grindea no. 22 p. 5

OUSSET, Cecille talks to Carola Grindea no. 28 p. 5

PARRY, John talks to Carola Grindea no. 33 p. 5

PERAHIA, Murray talks to Carola Grindea no. 2 p. 7

PERL, Alfredo talks in Santiago, Chile to Malcolm Troup no. 51 p. 5

PERLEMUTER, Vlado talks to Carola Grindea no. 7 p. 5

PICHT-AXENFELD, Edith talks to Carola Grindea no. 12 p. 5

PRATLEY, Geoffrey talks to Malcolm Miller no. 44 p. 13

PRESSLER, Menahem talks to Carola Grindea no. 47 p. 5

RAEV, Joseph talks to Carola Grindea no. 9 p. 17

ROBERTS, Bernard talks to Carola Grindea no. 17 p. 5

ROSE, Jerome talks to Carola Grindea no. 27 p. 5

SCHIFF, Andras talks to Carola Grindea no.36 p. 9

SHERMAN, Russell talks to Carola Grindea no. 8 p. 5

SIMON, Abbey talks to Carola Grindea no. 25 p. 5

SMITH, Ronald talks to Carola Grindea no. 20 p. 7

SORIANO, Joaquin talks to Carola Grindea no. 37 p. 7

STEVENSON, Ronald talks to Sheena Nicoll no. 46 p. 7

TAGLIAFERRO, Magda talks to Carola Grindea no. 14 p. 5

TAN, Melvyn talks to Carola Grindea no. 41 p. 7

TAYLOR, Kendall talks to Carola Grindea no. 11 p. 5

TIRIMO, Martino talks to Carola Grindea no. 52 p. 9

TRYON, Valerie talks to Douglas Finch no. 45 p. 5

TS’ONG, Fou talks to Carola Grindea no. 23 p. 5

TURECK, Rosalyn talks to Carola Grindea no. 4 p. 5

TURECK, Rosalyn talks to Helen Mendi-Schrama no. 42 p. 5

VASARY, Tames talks to Carola Grindea no .18 p. 5

WILD, Earl talks to Carola Grindea no. 21 p. 5


Who’s Who of Accompanists

PARSONS, Geoffrey talks to Malcolm Miller no. 41 p. 13

VIGNOLES, Roger talks to Carola Grindea no. 40 p. 17


Great Pedagogues

EBERT, Georg in conversation with Carola Grindea no. 6 p. 27

FEUCHTWANGER, Peter by Marina Horak no. 5 p. 24

FEUCHTWANGER. Peter, teacher of David Helfgott, in conversation with Carola Grindea no. 53 p. 11

GERIG, Reginald talks to Carola Grindea no. 16 p. 11

HARRISON, Sidney by Ian Hobson no. 5 p. 23

KAMMERLING, Karl-Heinz talks to Marina Horak no. 7 p. 19

MARCUS, Adele talks to Carola Grindea no. 8 p. 19

WATERMAN, Fanny talks to Carola Grindea no. 6 p. 9


Scholars of Piano Literature

BLOCH, Joseph talks to Carola Grindea no. 10 p. 13

HINSON, Maurice talks to Carole Grindea no. 10 p. 13




“ARRAU – I, Claudio” by Stuart Isacoff no. 11 p. 9 

“BACH, Carl Philip Emanuel” by Edith Picht-Axenfeld (Readers Forum) no. 28 p. 21 

“BACHAUER, Remembering Gina” by Matti Oksala no. 25 p. 14 

“BAUER, Harold – The Question of Tone” by Hariette Brower no. 17 p. 9 

“BOULANGER, Tribute to Nadia” by Peter Norris no. 1 p. 7 

“BUSONI – Dr. Faust of the keyboard” by Ronald Stevenson no. 1 p. 14 

“CHOPIN the teacher” by W, Graham-Robertson no. 38 p. 13 

“HASKIL, Clara Centenary” by Peter Feuchtwanger no. 46 p. 17 

“HESS, Myra – A Portrait” by David Johnson no. 11 p. 37 

“HUMMEL – A Great Pianist” by Marion Phyllis Barnum no. 15 p. 21 

“JOSEFFY, Rafael – Pianist & Teacher” by J. Methuen-Campbell no. 9 p. 22 

“KRAUS, Remembering Lili – A Vanishing Tradition” by Franz Schreuder no. 23 p. 11 

“LESCHETIZKY, Memories of” by Frank Merrick no. 2 p. 11 

“LESCHETIZKY revisited (part 1)” by Rachel Rhodes no. 44 p. 19 

“LESCHETIZKY revisited (part 2)” by Rachel Rhodes no. 45 p. 9 

“LIPATTI, Dinu’s Credo” no. 6 p. 21 “

“LISZT’S `Harmonies Poetiques et Religieuses’: the 1st cycle” by Albert Brussee 

“MOSCHELES, Ignaz – Pianist, Composer, Educator” by Phillip Silver no. 47 p. 15 

“MOZART as piano teacher” by Dr. Elena Letnanova no. 43 p. 51 

“NEUHAUS, Heinrich’s Centenar” (1888-1988) by Michael Burford no. 27 p. 10 

“ORTMANN, The Great Otto” by Reginald Gerig no. 6 p. 13 

“PADEREWSKI, Jan’s Teaching” by Hariette Brower no. 8 p. 21 

“RACHMANINOFF, Sergei: the Teacher – his views on technique” by Eric Schoones no. 50 p. 15 

“RICHTER, Sviatoslav: a profile” by Heinrich Neuhaus no. 18 p. 15 

“RUBINSTEIN, Anton – Instructional Principles” by Krassimira Jordan no. 49 p. 17 

“SCHNABEL and SCHUBERT” by Delia Calapai no. 5 p. 7 

“SOLOMON, lessons with – some recollections” by Eric Hope no. 47 p. 11 

“STAVENHAGEN, Bernard – Pianist, Conductor, Composer and Liszt’s last pupil” by Elgin Strub-Ronayane no. 40 p. 13

“TAUBMAN, Dorothy – Her approach to piano technique” by Henry S. Micklem no. 43 p. 21




“ALKAN: The Neglected Genius” – Dr. J. H. White no. 7 p. 15 

“BACH J. S., The Gigues of the six ‘French Suites'” Lon/ Wallfisch no. 7 p. 11 

“BADANEWSKA, The Maiden’s Prayer – a Fragrant Souvenir” – William Varcoe no. 18 p. 40 

“BEETHOVEN Sonatas: A New Edition” Preface by Dr. Brian Jeffery-James Lisney no. 33 p. 25 

“BERG, Alban – Piano Sonata Op. 1” – Robert Turnbull no. 13 p. 8 

“BRITTEN -Peter Grimes Fantasy” – Ronald Stevenson no. 24 p. 15 

“CHOPIN -The Four Impromptus: Two levels of improvisation” – Donald Alfano no. 37 p. 21 “

“CLEMENTI – The Sixth Edition of his 6 Progressive Sonatinas Op 36” – Maurice Hinson no. 11 p. 35 

“COMMINGS-KNIGHT, Geoffrey -The 24 PRELUDES for Piano” – Michael Jones no. 35 p. 15 

“CZERNY’S 160 8-Bar Exercises op. 821” – Audrey Inns no. 37 p. 24 

“DEBUSSY and American Popular Music” – E. Douglas-Bomberger no. 42 p. 9 

“DEBUSSY’S La Puerta del Vino” – Albert Brousse no. 11 p. 17

“DEBUSSY, Claude: Etude Retrouvee”- Marina Horak no. 6 p. 25 

“GIUSTINI, Lodovico and The First Published Sonatas” – Joseph Bloch no. 4 p. 13 

“GRIFFES, Charles Tomlinson” – Edith Steams no. 16 p. 9 

“GRONDAHL, Agatha Baker” – Sheena Nicholl no. 16 p. 21 

“IBERT, Jacques – Reliving his ‘Histories'” – Robert Wesley no. 22 p. 9

“JATEKOK’: the Games of GyOrgy Kurtag” – Robert Cavaye no. 55 p. 17 

“LIGETI, Gyorgy: Etudes” – Julian Jacobson no. 25 p. 11 

“LISZT: A New Discovery”- William Wright no. 26 p. 13 

“LISZT: Another New Discovery” – William Wright no. 34 p. 13 

“LISZT’s Sonata in B minor: Investigating the Performance Practice of pt.1 – Mark Tanner no. 54 p. 15 

“McCABE, John – Piano Variations Op. 22” – Robert Reynolds no. 14 p. 10 

“MENDELSSOHN Songs without Words” – Christine Brown no. 14 p. 15 

“MESSIAEN – A Brief Guide”- Frank Martin no. 43 p. 13 

“MESSIAEN – Regard sur Olivier” – Malcolm Troup no. 11 p. 11 

“MEXICAN Composers’ Piano Music” – Ricardo Miranda-Perez no. 38 p. 17 

“MOZART’S Little Known Piano Duet Sonata in C, KV 19d” – Frans Schreuder no. 36 p. 13

“RACHMANINOV – First and Last Preludes” – Jeremy Norris no. 18 p. 11

“SCELSI, Discovering” – P. Grahame Woolf no. 21 p. 15 

“SCHUMANN, The World of Papillon op. 2” – Edith Cornfield no. 34 p. 15

“SCHUMANN: Stylistic links in the piano music of Robert and Clara” – Carlos Juris no. 39 p. 15

“SCHUBERT: Accompanying ‘Der Lindenbaurn'” – Nigel Nettheim no. 52 p. 15

“SCRIABIN, Alexander: The Etudes” – Simon Nicholls no. 3 p. 22

SEMKOVA, Ludrnila “Klavirni Prvouk” (Readers Forum) no. 38 p. 23 

“SMYTH, Ethel – Piano Music” – Liana Serbescu no. 48 p. 15 

“STARER, Robert’s Piano Pieces for Children” – Dorothy Lewis Griffith no. 13 p. 31

“TCHAIKOVSKY’S Album for the Young” – W. G. Robertson no. 41 p. 7

“TCHEREPNIN, Alexander – A Sampler of his Piano Music” – Guy Wuellner no. 27 p. 13

“The Truly REVOLUTIONARY Etude” (Editorial) no. 31 p. 3 

“TIPPETT’S Piano Sonatas”- Roger Green no. 5 p. 19

“TIPPETT’S Fourth Sonata” – Roger Green no. 19 p. 12

TUNDE, Aszalos “Child playing the piano” (Readers Forum) no. 38 p. 23 

“USTVOLSKAYA and the Piano”- P. Grahame Woolf no. 49 p. 33 

“WEBERN, Anton – Piano Variations” – Roger Green no. 3 p. 26




ARMSTRONG, June “Expectancy v. Expectation: Teaching without Exams” (Readers Forum) no. 53 p. 20

BAUDET, Marcel “The Teaching of Interpretation” (Readers Forum) no. 40 p. 45

BELL, Teresa “…on Exam Teaching” (Readers Forum) no. 55 p. 30

BIGG, John “Please, no Chiroplast!” (Editorial) no. 51 p. 3

BLACKIE, Jane “Challenges to work towards…” (Readers Forum) no. 55 p. 30

BROWN, Christine “Music Education” (Readers Forum) no. 41 p. 23

BROWN, Christine “My approach to teaching” (Readers Forum) no. 37 p. 13

CHAFFIN, Dr Roger and IMREH, Gabriella “Memorising for Piano Performance” no. 45 p. 16

CHAPUIS, Jacques “Dinu Lipatti – The Teacher” no. 15 p. 9

CHEMPIN, Beryl “A Silk Purse out of a Sow’s Ear” (Readers Forum) no. 39 p. 23

CHEMPIN, Beryl “On Fingering” no. 13 p. 19

CHRONISTER, Richard “National Conference: Piano Pedagogy in California” (Readers Forum) no. 43 p. 27

COPESTAKE, Magaret ‘Teacher versus Performer” (Readers Forum) no. 33 p. 17

CREIGHTON, Florence “Student Speak or Teacher Know Thy Student” (Readers Forum) no. 39 p. 27

CZERNY – Letters to a Young Lady no. 15 p. 13

CZERNY – Letters to a Young Lady (Nos. 3 and 4) no. 16 p. 17

CZERNY – Letters to a Young Lady (Nos. 5 and 6) no. 17 p. 11

CZERNY – Letters to a Young Lady (No. 10) no. 18 p. 19

DRIVER, Anne “The First Encounter” (Readers Forum) no. 42 p. 15

DUMM, Robert “Teaching Technique no. 7 p. 23

EDWARDS, Maria “Report on one of the teaching groups at EPTA Conference 1991” (Readers Forum) no. 36 p. 21

ENOCH, Yvonne “Group Piano Teaching” no. 48, p. 43

ESDAILE, Sarah “…on Musicianship Exams” (Readers Forum) no. 55 p. 30

FOSTER, Roma “Practising” (Readers Forum) no. 51 p. 18

GASAWAY, Georgann ‘The personality factor” (Readers Forum) no. 46 p. 33

GIBBS, Louise “Research into the Professional Development and Training of Private Music Teachers no. 36 p. 36

GIUDICI, Carla “Thoughts on Piano Technique – Physical, Physiological and Psychological aspects” no. 35 p. 11

GRINDEA, Carola “Developments in Piano Pedagogy on Both Sides of the Atlantic’ no. 35 p. 25

HANLEY, Mary Ann “Group Performance” (Readers Forum) no.41 p.25

HANLEY, Mary Ann “Learning Theories Applied to Piano Teaching” no.33 p.11

HARRIS, Son ia, Report on “Research into Training and Professional Develpoment of Private Music Teachers” by Louise Gibbs no.41 p.43

HOFSTRA, Wouter “Playing the Piano with hands and feet” (Readers Forum) no.29 p.19

HOLDEN, Eve “Approaches to Music Education” (Readers Forum) no.52 p.25

HOLDEN, Sue “Practising” (Readers Forum) no.48 p.19

HULLAH, Annette “Theodor Leschetizky, The Lesson” nu 2e p.15

IGNATIUS-FLEET, Heli “Teacher versus Performers” (Readers Forum) no.33 p.15

ISAACSON, Margaret “Always work within a discipline” (Readers Forum) no.53 p.18

JEZIORSKA, Wanda “My approach to teaching” EPTA ’91 Conference (Readers Forum) no.36 p.19

JONAS, Alicia “Teachers Problems” (Readers Forum) no.38 p.23 JONAS, Alicia “Teaching Adult Beginners” (Readers Forum) no.48 p.21

KEMP Molly “He never practised scales” (Readers Forum) no 29 p.20

KESSLER, Minuetta “Teaching Tiny Tots” no. 1 p.13

KINGSLEY, Colin “Some Thoughts on Practising” (Readers Forum) no.49 p.26

KIRSCHBAUM, Bernard “A System of Good Practice Habits” no.15 p.37

KLUGMAN, Leonie “My approach to teaching” (Readers Forum) no.35 p.21

KOCHEVITSKY. G and McCALL1SON, Edward ‘Thought on the Art of Piano Practising” rto.29 p.13

KOHUT, Daniel “Learning how to teach musical performers” no.31 p.13

KOOLEN, Gert Jan “Individual versus small Group Teaching” (Readers Forum) no.41 p.21

LAST, Joan “Imagination in Teaching” no. 2 p.25 LENNON, Mary “Teaching Romantic Music: the problem of musical expression” no.54 p. 9

LEVIN, Muriel “Keeping the Teens involved” – Group Projects no.30 p.17

LEVIN, Muriel “The Role of Mikrokosmos in Piano Study” no.45 p.21

LEVIN, Muriel “Some thoughts on being a beginner” (Readers Forum) no.50 p.39

MACMILLAN, Jenny “Creating a Learnin’g Environment” (Readers Forum) no.53 p.20

MAGAS1NER, Christine “Suzuki Training” (Readers Forum) no.53 p.20

MARTIN, Frank “Is the training of piano teachers satisfactory?” (Readers Forum) no.31 p.13

MARTIN, Frank ‘Thoughts on Piano Teaching” (Readers Forum) no.42 p. 6

MAUNDERS, Vivienne “Practice” (Readers Forum) no.48 p.21

MAY, Mary “Accent on Training” (Readers Forum) no.52 p.25

MELVILLE, Marguerite “Quotes from Leschetizky’s Teaching” no. 2 p.15

N1CHOLL, Sheena “My approach to teaching” (Readers Forum) no.37 p.17

NICHOLLS, Simon “On teaching scales” (Readers Forum) no.30 p.33

NOLTING, Betty ‘Master Classes for Teachers” no.13 p.16

PEACH, Josephine “Thoughts on the future of piano teaching in Britain” (Readers Forum) no.47 p.20

RADEMACHER, Irma Wolpe “Comments on The Art of Playing the Piano” no. 2 p.17

REDER, Philip “On Group Piano Teaching” no. 1 p.25

REZITS, Joseph “What is the Anatomy of Great Teaching?” no 9 p.11

RICE, Reymour “Phrasing and the Young Pianist” no.12 p.34

ROBERSON, Steven H. “How to make students want to practise” no.30 p.13

ROBINSON, Yvette “…on Exams” (Readers Forum) no.55 p.32

RODDA, Daisy ‘Teaching under fives” (Readers Forum) no.35 p.23

SHUR, Laura “More to Piano Teaching than Scales and Pieces” (Readers Forum) no.49 p.26

SIMONS, John “Teaching College Grade Examinations for Piano” no.12 p.35

STEINME IL, John “Approach to Students” (Readers Forum) no.52 p.27

STUART, Lettice “Comment on visit of Soviet Music Teacher” (Readers Forum) no.35 p.23

TANEDA, Naoyuky “On Fingering” no.10 p.18 TROUP Malcolm “It’s all in the mind: Teachers Guide to the Nineties’ (Editorial) no.34 p. 3

TURNER, Anne ‘The Suzuki Approach to Piano Teaching” no.21 p.31 VICAT, Alan “…think carefully” (Readers Forum) no.50 p.35 VICAT, Alan “Wohin?’ (Readers Forum) no.30 p.31

WESTLEY, Mary “Teaching groups of young children” (Readers Forum) no.35 p.21

WRIGHT, Molly “Pre-school Piano Group” no 6 p.40

WUELLNER, Guy “Seven Lessons a Week” no. 9 p.38

YOUNKER, Kathleen T. “Jitters: dealing with performance anxiety” pt.1 (Readers Forum) no.50 p.37

YOUNKER, Kathleen T. “Jitters: dealing with performance anxiety” pt.2 (Readers Forum) no.51 p.20




AMBACHE, Diana ‘A Musician’s Visit to China” no.11 p.38

CARLIN, Kerry “A Touch of Class. Some thoughts on group piano instruction in USA” no. 9 p.13

CHARY, Erica, “Master Class at Shanghai Conservatory” no. 5 p.11

ESSER„ J. “Instrumental Teaching in Flanders”  no.? p.?

FUKUDA, Yasuko “Historical View of Piano Playing and Teaching in Japan” no.17 p.14

HARALDSSON, Hal[dor “Training Piano Teachers in Iceland”   no. 1 p.11

ITALIAN INSTITUTE OF CULTURE “Piano Teaching in Italy”  no. 4 p.36

JEZIORSKA, Irene “A Survey of Piano Teaching in France’ no. 2 p.27

MEHLIG, Rainer “Piano Teaching In Music Schools in West Germany” no. 4 p.17

NEUHAUS, Henry “A Master-Class at Gnesin Music Institute, Moscow” no. 1 p.16

PAUL, Alan “A Musical Tour of East Germany” no.18 p.28

RICHARD, Josephine “An Itinerant Teacher in the Orkney Islands” no. 1 p.27

SARMANTO, Eeva “Finnish Piano Music for Beginners” no.12 p.32

THOMSON, Warren “Piano Teaching in Australia” no. 5 p.41

TROUP, Malcolm “Piano Teachers of the World Unite!” Logbook of a Chinese Odyssey (Ed.) no.49 p.3




GRINDEA, Carola “Audio-Visual Aids in the Training of Piano Teachers” no. 3 p.28

TILLMAN, June “Electropiano Laboratory” no. 4 p. 9




GRINDEA, Carola “EPTA’s First Steps” no. 1 p.25

GRINDEA, Carola “The First Twenty Years of EPTA” no.55 p. 7

JEZIORSKA, Wanda “EPTA European Conference Report” no. 3 p.12

PAUL, Alan “9th European Conference” no.24 p.30 SHEARD, Audrey “

EPTA UK Conference”   no.24 p.33


EPTA Piano Teachers information Centre , no. 2 p.29

HARRISON, Sydney “What do EPTA people talk about” (Editorial) no.43 p. 3

MILLER, Malcolm “Congratulations to EPTA UK on its 15th Birthday” (Editorial) no.40 p. 3

PLUME, Kathy “What EPTA has done for me” (Readers Forum) no.44 p.29

TROUP, Malcolm “A Cause for Celebration…” (Editorial) no.50 p. 3

TROUP, Malcolm “EPTA in the Front Line” (Editorial) no.55 p. 3

TROUP, Malcolm “EPTA UK 15th Anniversary sees the birth of a New Society” (Ed.) no.41 p. 3

TROUP, Malcolm “Souvenir de Moscou -The 13th Annual Conference of EPTA Associations” (Editorial) no.36 p. 3




HARRISON, Sidney “ESTA report on Music Competitions”  no.14 p.27

ISAACSON, Margaret “High Wycombe Piano Festival” (Readers Forum) no.44 p.29

JEZ “A Child Gallery of Examiners” no.10 p.30

JONES, Robert “The Piano Exams of the Associated Board – Time for Re-Appraisal?” no. 9 p.32

LEVIN, Muriel “Self-Study Competition – Audrey Wickens Sch of Mus” (Readers Forum) no.44 p.27

MERCHIE, Leslie ‘The Guildhall School Piano Examinations”  no.10 p.35

MILLER, Malcolm “An Exciting New Initiative for Instrumental Teacher Training in Britain”  no.44 p.32

NOLAN, Ronald “European Junior Piano Festival”  no.12 p.38

JONAS, Alicia “The twilight of Gods?” (Readers Forum) no.34 p.19

PAUL, Alan “International Competitions”  no.29 p.30

TROUP, Malcolm “Competition Diary” (Editorial) no.46 p. 3

TROUP, Malcolm “Competition Fever at its height in Rome and London” (Editorial)  no.54 p. 3

TROUP, Malcolm “‘From the Bohemian Forest’: a Piano Competition with a Difference!”(ed)  no.53 p. 3

TROUP, Malcolm “Lifting the lid on piano competitions: some variations on an old themen(ed) no.35 p. 3

WOOLF, Grahame ‘The 4th British Contemporary Piano Competition”  no.55 p.33




BEYER, Isabel “To the Land of the Rising Duo” no.34 p.38

BEYER. Isabel and DAGUL, Harvey “EPTA UK Survey of Piano Duet Repertoire’ no.17 p.25

BEYER, Isabel and DAGUL, Harvey “EPTA UK Survey of Piano Duet Repertoire” (cont) no.18 p.17

BROWN, Christine “Ensemble playing” no. 4 p.21

DAGUL, Harvey “Playing duets” (Readers Forum) no.47 p.19

DAGUL, Harvey ‘Why Piano duets” no. 3 p.15

GREEN, Roger “Mozart’s Chamber Music with Piano” no. 1 p.19

GREEN, Roger “Music for Piano and Orchestra – An Annotated Guide: Maurice Hinson” no. 6 p.27

GREEN. Roger “The Piano in Chamber Ensemble- An Annotated Guide: Maurice Hinson” no. 2 p.21

HARDING, David “The Use of the Modern Grand Piano as a Chamber Instrument” -no.21 p.35

LASSERSON, Nadia “Piano need not be lonely” (Readers Forum) no.47 p.23

ROBERTS, Wesley “Did you say -for Two Pianos and Orchestra” no.10 p. 9




1st Database of ISSTIP PERFORMING ARTS CLINIC at the London College of Music no.49 p.31

BARNETT, David “Duration Values in Musical Performance” no. 8 p. 9

BLYTON, Carey “Article for Unprepaired Pianists” no. 6 p.23

FINCH, Douglas ‘Thoughts on Relaxation and Freedom in piano playing” (Readers Forum) no.40 p.43

GORDON, Steward “Playing to Others” no. 4 p.34

GRINDEA, Carola “Performance related problems” no.30 p. 3

KESSLER, Minuetta “Second International Conference on Tension in Performance” no.13 p.34

KOCHEVITSKY, George A. “Pianists Professional Arm Ailments” no.28 p.19

LEHRER, Samuel and Ethel “Beyond Ortmann and Scultz” no.12 p.29

MACH, Elyse – Great Pianists of Today: A Comparison of Thought and Viewpoint, pt 1 no.19 p. 9

MACH, Elyse – Great Pianists of Today: A Comparison of Thought and Viewpoint, pt 2 no.21 p.11

MARCELLUS, Juliette de “New Lights on States of Mind in Performance – An appraisal of Arnold Schuttz’s ‘A Theory of Consciousness’ ” no. 1 p.8

NAGEL, Julie, PAPSDORF, James and HIMLE, David “Performance Anxiety” no. 5 p.13

SLENCSZYNSKA, Ruth “Posture, Tension and Tone” no.23 p.13

SMITH, Robert C. “Creative Motion” no.20 p.21

TROUP, Malcolm “Keeping Faith with the Body” (Editorial) no.37 p. 3




ALTHAUS, Bernard “Pianoforte Gymnastics” no.22 p.32

BREESE, Pamela “My dear, You’ve got Perfect Pitch” no.18 p.29

BRETON, Josephine “The Piano in Music Therapy” no. 2 p.23

CAMERON, Rosaline B. “A Therapist – Teacher’s Reflections” no. 9 p.35

COLLINS, Eugene “In Tune for Musicians” no. 9 p.37

COLLINS, Frances “Rumbles of a Stage Coach” no. 3 p.30

FINCH, Douglas ‘Taking the Plunge: the process of musical improvisation” no.55 p.25

GRINDEA, Carola “A Lesson form Iceland” (Editorial) no.39 p. 3

GRINDEA, Carola “At last, Albania” (Editorial) no.41 p. 3

GRINDEA Carola `The Glasnost Experience” (Editorial) no.28 p. 9

GRINDEA, Carola “Madame Schumann at Monday and Saturday Popular Concerts in 1888” no.14 p.28

GRINDEA, Carola “On the treshold of the Twenty-First Century” (Editorial) no.33 p. 3

HARRIS, Sonia “The Books which helped me” no.16 p.35

HINSON, Maurice “Brehm as Editor” no.13 p.23

HINSON, Maurice “J C Bach & Francesco P Ricci – Forte-Piano or Harpsichord Method?’ no. 8 p.13

KURZE, Mary Jo and REDER, Philip “Fur Elise” no.13 p.10

LAST, Joan – an Autobiographical Sketch (Readers Forum) no.54 p.21

LYONS, Graham “An argument for the return of extempore playing…” (Readers Forum) no.54 p.23

MOZART,”Leopold’s formative influence on Wolfgang’s early piano sonatas” Malcolm Miller no.51 p.13

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