May–August 2017




21st23rd April 2017 EPTA Albania organised the 22nd “Young Pianists Festival” with Maria-Jose Parker, Paolo Vidoli and Nadia Lasserson on the jury. Once again, this was an enormous success with over 120 entries packed into two and a half days. The level of playing was extremely high through all the categories. 

The Winners:

Category A
1st Prize Saed Selhani
2nd Prize Daria Nikolla and Gjesika Alia
3rd Prize Mattia Giampietro

Category B
1st Prize Noel Cela
2nd Prize Lidion Qelibari and Lis Jashari
3rd Prize Melodjan Mancaku and Lusila Kodra

Category C
1st Prize Odesa Meti and Jurgen Alia
2nd Prize Kristel Karagjozi, Alvaro Veizi and Isla Syknaj

Category D
1st Prize Orenc Graca
2nd Prize Aleka Shumeti and Mikea Kakusi
3rd Prize Joel Kakusi

Category E
1st Prize Marvin Bedi
2nd Prize Jonathan Verkuj
3rd Prize Laura Sulaj and Kejsi Coka

Special Prizes:
Orenc Graca – 'Filippo Trevisan' Award
Odesa Meti – 'Carola Grindea' Award
Joel Kakusi – 'Lola Gjoka' Award
Jonathan Verkuj – 'Beethoven' & Concerto with 'Orchestra RTSH' Award
Marvin Beli – 'Cesk Zadeja' award
Alex Shameti – 'Mozart' Award
Risa Citaku – 'Bell'Arte Kosova' Award
Mikea Kakusi – 'Pianistii Ri' Award



10th12th November 2017 EPTA Austria will hold its Annual Conference in Baden. Speakers include: Frauke Grimmer, Erma Komca, Nils Franke, Anton Voigt, Eszter Demel, Jochen Reutter and Michaela Paller.

2019 EPTA Austria will host the European Conference of EPTA ASSOCIATIONS.


EPTA BELGIUM Wallonie / Bruxelles

25th November 2017 EPTA Belgium Wallonie / Bruxelles will hold its Annual Piano Pedagogy Day to include presentations by Diane Andersen, Marie-Dominique Gilels, Pierre Yves Cuvelier and Nadia Lasserson.

20th–25th February 2018 EPTA Belgium Wallonie / Bruxelles will run the 18th “Rencontres Internationales des JeunesPianistes", at the Espace Culturel of Néthen. Save the dates!



2017 EPTA Croatia celebrates its 30th Anniversary and is already giving many concerts to alert the media and general public to this great event. EPTA Prizewinners’ Concerts will be held in Varaždin, Split and Rijeka as well as a Gala concert in the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb.

22nd March 2017 EPTA Croatia organised a Gala 30 year Celebration concert in the Blagoje Bersa Concert Hall in Zagreb. EPTA prizewinners were the soloists in demanding programmes: Arsen Dalibaltayan, Mia Pečnik, Ivan Vihor Krsnik Cohar, Jan Niković and Mislav Ivaci.

17th April 2017 EPTA Croatia held the Celebrity Concert in the National Theatre in Osijek as the grand opening of the 10th EPTA International Competition for young pianists. EPTA Laureates Ivan Krpan, Mia Pečnik, Jan Niković and Mislav Ivaci performed Concertos by Beethoven, Grieg, Rachmaninov and Chopin with the Osijek Symphony Orchestra.

18th22nd April 2017 EPTA Croatia held the 10th EPTA International Piano Competition for Young Pianists in Osijek with Diane Andersen, Ida Gamulin, Naum Grubert, Konstantin Krasnitsky and Teresa Trevisan on the jury.

The winners:Croatia - Osijek

Category A Ivan Petrovic Poljak –1st Prize and absolute winner

Category B Drofenik Matija / Habuda Ruben – 1st Prizes

Category C Konstandin Tashko – 1st Prize

Ira Schwarz Award went to Petra Podhraski

Croatian Composers Society Award went to Petra Sket.


5th–11th February 2018 EPTA Croatia will run the 6th EPTA Svetislav Stančić International Piano Competition in Zagreb with Eugen Indjic, Murray McLachlan, Natalija Troull, Ida Gamulin, Vladimir Krpan, Naum Grubert and Dina Yoffe on the jury.



23rd September 2017 EPTA Czech Republic will hold its Annual Seminar in the Music School and Music High School, Prague with distinguished Czech piano professors and colleagues from abroad. Professor Ivan Klansky (Head of the Piano department and Vice-Dean at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) will run a Masterclass for young talented pianists from various Czech Music Schools – Emil Viklicky (distinguished Czech jazz pianist and composer) will give a lecture-recital on instructive jazz literature based on his own collection "Green sateen" and other pieces – Patricia Goodson (American pianist and teacher living in Prague) will give a lecture-recital to include the complete piano works of Czech composer Josef Bohuslav Foerster (1859–1951) and a presentation of her complete recording of his work (4CDs) – Professor Aniko Drabon (Hungary / Germany) will present her piano school "Tastenzauberei" ("Magic with the keys"),which is currently one of the most popular teaching methods in German speaking countries, – with young pianists of different ages and levels from Czech music schools.

April 2019 EPTA Czech Republic will organise the Ant. Petrof International Piano competition in conjunction with the Petrof Piano Factory.  Further details tba on the website.



22nd June 2017 EPTA Denmark hosted a masterclass given by the Finnish Pianist Eero Heinonen in the Concert Hall of the Aarhus Music School. This was part of the “Gradus International Piano festival” which ran from 16th–21st June.

23rd–29th July 2017 The 17th International Piano Week took place in Ollerup with Masterclasses and Concerts were given by Mikhail Voskresensky (Moscow Conservatory), Eugen Indjic (Schola Cantorum, Paris), and Paolo Giacometti (Robert Schumann Musikhochschule, Düsseldorf).

23rd September 2017 EPTA Denmark will organise Laurent Bouillet to give Lectures: "On physiological Fingerings" and "Practical applications of fingering Principles" and a masterclass in Steinways, Copenhagen.

28th October 2017 EPTA Denmark are organising Tove Lønskov to give a Lecture on Technique and a masterclass for young piano students and their teachers in Aarhus.

4th October 2017 EPTA Denmark are planning a Concert "Piano in Roundtower", Copenhagen.

18th November 2017 EPTA Denmark are organizing a Masterclass with Jens Elvekjær, leading Danish pianist in the well known "Trio con Brio" and Associate Professor at "The Copehnagen Royal Academy of Music" in the Steinway Artist Room, Copenhagen.



6th–10th August 2017 EPTA Estonia will run a Summer Course for young pianists given by the teachers of the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in the Haapsalu Music School. The course is aimed for pupils from 6th to 12th grade. Concerts and joint activities for participants are part of the course.

22nd–25th August 2017 EPTA Estonia and the Tallinn Music High School join forces to run the annual Summer School for students and teachers from the whole country. Masterclasses, concerts and other educational actions are part of the Course. The teaching staff will be from the Tallinn Music High School.

October 2017 EPTA Estonia will organise the 20th “National Days of Piano Teachers“.

5th Bruno Lukk Piano Conference (in preparation).

In these jubilee events guests from Estonia and abroad will present papers, give presentations and masterclasses. The next Bruno Lukk Prize and Young Teacher's Prize will be announced as well as the voting results of the 10 best Estonian piano pieces for children and young pianists.

EPTA Estonia will hold its AGM at this event and the new issue of the EPTA Estonia journal „Klaver“ will be published.

October 2018 EPTA Estonia will organise the 11th Tallinn Piano Festival.




10th–13th August 2017 EPTA Finland hosted the

39th European Conference of EPTA Associations at the Helsinki Conservatoire.                                           

The theme of the Conference was Inspiration in Teaching, Learning and Playing

Finland is celebrating 100 years of independence this year and is also well known for its rich musical life and solid educational system in music.

The EPTA Finland offered a Conference Program that was most multifaceted, covering many aspects of piano teaching, learning and playing the instrument, from involving a small pianist’s immediate surroundings, peeping at the working brain of a small musician, combining formal school time and piano lessons to educating piano teachers and finding and helping to understand inspiring repertoire at every level. One of Finland’s finest pianists Mr. Paavali Jumppanen, gave a recital featuring Debussy’s Etudes and Beethoven’s Appassionata, enriched by some essential contemporary Finnish piano works, at the architecturally unique Temppeliaukio Rock Church. The City of Helsinki invited participants to a buffet at the Helsinki City Hall near the harbour and picturesque Market Square. There were several sessions on New Finnish music as well as opportunities to see and purchase a vast selection of inspiring and innovative basic pedagogical material.



EPTA Germany continues to run bi-annual Conferences in different regions to enable the greatest number of members to attend.

26th–28th May 2017 EPTA Germany held a Conference on "The daily life of the piano teacher” at the Folkwang Musikschule, Essen.  

2020 EPTA Germany will host the

42nd European Conference of EPTA Associations

with special reference to Beethoven on the celebration of his birth.


It will take place in Köln/Bonn – the Hochschule being the main venue for lectures, combined with some events in cooperation with Beethovenhaus Bonn (there is an existing cooperation between both institutions).
The transfer between Bonn and Köln is fast and easy to organize.





May 2017 EPTA Greece ran a Masterclass given by Paavali Jumpanen from the Sibelius Academy (Helsinki).

March 2018 EPTA Greece invites its teachers to send pupils to perform works by Chopin and Field in conjunction with the celebrated Greek pianist and actress, Magda Mavrogianni, who will present a theatrical–musical: "Chopin and his students" at the Athens Megaron library.



EPTA Hungary continues to work in conjunction with the ZETA Programme which organises annual concerts for students from all over Hungary to perform contemporary Hungarian music. This encourages and enables many students to have performance opportunities without competition stress and also for teachers in remote corners of the country to participate.

7th May 2017 EPTA Hungary collaborated with ZETA in a similar concert on the music of Sandor Balassa, aged 85, who attended the event and enjoyed hearing young people play his music. Mariann Abraham wrote an article “Hommage to Sandor Balassa”. The next event is being planned around two Hungarian composers Miklos KOCSAR (85) and György ORBÁN (b. 1947)

27th and 29th April 2018 EPTA Hungary invites applications to the International György Orbán Piano Competition which is organised by the Szentendrei Vujicsics Tihamer Music School for elementary music school students. Applications and fee of 50 € by March 18th, 2018.,



May 2017 EPTA Italy organised academic exams for its students in the great, elegant hall of the Cultural Centre of the Italian Bank in Rome. Candidates receive certificates and evaluations.

24th November–4th December 2017 The XXVIIth Chopin Roma International Competition will take place in Rome. The competition website has been updated:




27th–30th September 2018 EPTA Malta will host the

40th European Conference in Valletta, to celebrate its year as City of Culture.

The Theme of the Conference is “Piano Prodigies”.



21st May 2017 EPTA The Netherlands organised a day workshop on tension, breathing and well-being as seen from the Mensendieck point of view – presented by flautist Marja Mosk.

June 2017 EPTA The Netherlands held the 5th edition of Pop-into-the-Pianolessonn– a course run especially for its members.

25th–26th November 2017 EPTA The Netherlands will hold its annual conference in Akoesticum in Ede.

EPTA The Netherlands’ Documentation & Study Centre (EDSC) Amsterdam
A large collection of books, music, LP's, CD's, tapes and many other valuable materials are housed in the Public Library of Amsterdam (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, OBA) near the Central Station of Amsterdam. EPTA members and other music scholars can make use of the Centre, as it was intended, for research and reference. The Centre collaborates with EPTA UK's Information Centre at the Royal College of Music.



Autumn 2017 EPTA Norway is now planning their Competition for Young Musicians with regional rounds held throughout the country.

January 2018 EPTA Norway will hold the National Finals of the competition in Oslo. EPTA Norway arranges these competitions in co-operation with the Norwegian Council of Music Schools.



15th17th July 2017 EPTA Portugal organized the third edition of “Piano Festival” with Masterclasses in the northern Portuguese Historic City of Ponte de Lima. Faculty: Luís Pipa (President, EPTA Portugal) and Katariina Limataiinen. Evening concerts were given throughout the week by the Faculty, invited soloists, new generation pianists and participants in the Masterclasses.
Concerts took place in different venues in the city. The Masterclasses were held in a magnificent 17th century estate with 15 acres of mature gardens and grounds, tennis court and swimming pool.

25th26th November 2017 EPTA Portugal will hold its Annual Conference.



EPTA Russia has published the 76th issue of its journal FORTEPIANO.

May 2017 EPTA Russia organised the 5th International Piano Competition and Festival "Bartolomeo Cristofori" in Saint-Petersburg.

October 2017 EPTA Russia will participate in performing and organising the “Opus 17” Festival of Beethoven’s music in Aarhus, Denmark.

March 2018 EPTA Russia is now in the process of organizing the International piano competition "Masterpieces of piano music" in Moscow.



August 2017 Panopticum Musicum International Summer School was held at Isidor Bajić Music School, Novi Sad, Serbia. 

1st–7th December 2018 EPTA Serbia–Vojvodina will organize the 9th International Isidor Bajić Piano Memorial Competition. Application Deadline: 1st October 2018. Info:



24th–25th November 2017 EPTA Slovenia will hold its 17th “Piano Days” with the title »Tradition Today« in the Fran Korun Koželjski music school in Velenje. The main lectures will be connected to the role of tradition in present classical piano music and pedagogy.



5th–7th May 2017 EPTA Spain ran a Festival with Masterclasses and Lectures.

Young EPTA Spain Recital series started at the Kawai Shigeru Center:
23rd March 2017
19th and 26th April 2017
10th May 2017



30th September–1st October 2017 EPTA Sweden will organize its annual national congress in Sundsvall.



EPTA Switzerland continues to organise two events each year:

13th May 2017 “Children for Children” in Kloster Wettingen / Aargau
18th November 2017 ”Impetus for our daily work”
5th May 2018, subject to be decided.



2017 EPTA UK 21st Piano Competition Regional Finals took place in three cities:

11th March 2017 – London – Adjudicator Melvyn Cooper
18th March 2017 – Manchester – Adjudicator Philip Fowke
25th March 2017 – Birmingham – Adjudicator Anna Crookes

 8th April 2017 EPTA UK held the Finals of the competition in Manchester – with Graham Scott, Noriko Ogawa and Pamela Lidiard as Adjudicators. The Winners were: Intermediate I Matteo Nacher-Saltara; Advanced I Ted Lloyd; Advanced II Patrick Hideomi Townsend; Advanced IV Adam Davies; 12 & Under Leo Bailey-Yang; 15 & Under Tomos Boyles; 18 & Under Hiromichi Nagayumi. The overall winner was Adam Davies. Philip Leslie was awarded the Angela Rinsler prize. Rose McLachlan was awarded the Yamaha prize.

24th June 2017 EPTA UK held a Composers’ Workshop for the Winners of the Annual Composers Competition. Christopher Norton was the Adjudicator and also ran the workshop. The overall winner of the composers’ competition is Stephen Wood (category 6, adult), with his composition  Another Time... The winner of the Frank Martin memorial award is Tom Gordon Aitken (category 4), with his composition Changing Face.

EPTA UK continues to run one day Conferences throughout the year:
7th October 2017 A Russian Day will be organised at Chetham’s School of Music, Manchester

EPTA UK continues to run its successful  Piano Teaching Course (PTC) across each academic year.

31st August–2nd September 2017 EPTA UK will hold a residential Conference at Nottingham University. Performing Artists and speakers include Peter Donohoe, Murray McLachlan, William Westney, Silvia Crusellas, Graeme Humphrey, Patricia Powell, Yvonne Lewis and Jenny Macmillan.

EPTA’s Archives are now rehoused in the Library of the Royal College of Music, London.
These contain a valuable reference collection of books, music, teaching methods, audio and video tapes which members of all EPTA Associations are welcome to consult. Members are invited to peruse the valuable archives of the EPTA Netherland ‘Documentation and Study Centre’ (EDSC, Curators Frans Schreuder and Albert Brussee).



10th August 2017 EPTA India Associates will host Prabhudas Ivanson playing Mozart's piano concerto in A major, KV 414 with the Madras Chamber Orchestra in Chennai.

October 2017 Prabhudhas Ivanson will be organising concerts given by the French pianist Marouanin Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram and Bangalore, in collaboration with the Bangalore School of Music.



19th June 2017 EPTA Israel Associates hosted the American pianist, Andrew Rangell, to lecture on Charles Ives and perform the second sonata – Concord in the Tel-Aviv Academy.

22nd June 2017 Andrew Rangell gave a Recital with pieces by Bach, Enescu, Shoenberg and Brahms in the Tel-Aviv Academy.

23rd June 2017 Andrew Rangell performed and discussed Bach Partitas in the Peace Oasis.

5th July 2017 EPTA Israel Associates held its Summer Conference in the Givataim Conservatoire with Prof. Tzvi Avni giving a Lecture on his Piano Pieces: Sonata No. 1, “From my Diary” and “The Three-legged Monster”;  Yuval Admony presenting his book “Musical Ground – without fooling around” a tutor of piano duets for pupil and teacher with fables and drawings in progressive chapters covering the basic foundations; Dr Idith Sulkin lectured on Music, Children, Development, and in between, presenting an updated overview on the contribution of music to the child's development beyond the musical context, and the implications of these findings in music education; and Moshe Porat lectured on “The Story Telling of Sounds”, the history of piano builders, the instrumental development from its first creation to the modern piano.


ALAPP Argentina (Association of Latin American Pianists and Pedagogues)

This year, to celebrate ALAPP Argentina’s 10th anniversary, it has organized two series of concerts: one for young talents and another for celebrated Argentinian pianists. These will take place in the Beethoven Foundation, National Library, Liszt Musical Centre, and the great Hall of the Faculty of Law of Buenos Aires.

ALAPP Argentina also organized a Bach Concerto competition for young pianists. Two winners will play with the Radio Amadeus-Cultura Musical String Orchestra conducted by Alfredo Corral.

ALAPP Argentina are planning a week of masterclasses given by 16 Argentinian pianists: Manuel Massone (Buenos Aires) Carmen Piazzini (Germany), Valentina Fiaz Frénot (Argentina – Paris), Diego Prigollini (Buenos Aires), Dora de Marinis (Mendoza , Argentina), Fernando Pérez (Buenos Aires), Alberto Portugheis (Argentina, UK), Estela Telerman (Buenos Aires), Luis Ascot (Buenos Aires –Switzerland), Aldo Antognazzi (Buenos Aires), Alfredo Corral (Buenos Aires), Miguel Angel Scebba (San Juan – Argentina), Alexander Panizza (Rosario- Argentina), Eduardo Hubert (Argentina – Italy), Mirian Conti (Argentina – USA) and Valentín Surif (President of ALAPP – Argentina), in the Beethoven Foundation.




Past News

January–April 2017

EPTA Albania – The 22nd “Young Pianists Festival”
EPTA Austria – Annual Conference with speakers from Austria, Germany and the United Kingdom
EPTA Croatia – celebrated its 30th Anniversary; The 10th EPTA International Piano Competition for Young Pianists

EPTA Denmark – Two inspiring days with participants from Slovenia, Sweden and Denmark
EPTA Estonia – „Best Young Instrumentalist 2017“ Competition
EPTA Latvia – The 22nd International Competition for Young Pianists; The 7th International Competition for Young Musicians “VIVA LA MUSICA
EPTA Israel Associates – The new chairman, Yuval Admony, replaced Michal Tal
The MTNA – welcomed EPTA members at the Annual Conference in Baltimore, Maryland 

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September–December 2016

EPTA Czech Republic – an exchange project of young pianists from Prague and Vienna
EPTA Estonia – Peep Lassman stepped down and Lembit Orgse is now the new President; The 10th Tallinn Piano Festival and The 3rd Tallinn International Piano Competition
EPTA Iceland – The 38th International EPTA conference was held in Reykjavík

EPTA Italy – The XXVIth Chopin Roma International Competition took place in Rome

EPTA Russia – organized a new Festival “OPUS 16” in Denmark
EPTA Serbia–Vojvodina – The 8th International Isidor Bajić Piano Memorial Competition
EPTA Spain – The third EPTA Piano Competition for young pianists
ALAPP Argentina - The International Competition to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Argentina’s Independence

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May–August 2016

EPTA Albania – we welcome Klodi Zheji as the new President; The 21st “Young Pianists Festival”
EPTA Croatia – Annual Summer Masterclasses
EPTA Denmark – a new website
EPTA Hungary in conjunction with EPTA Austria and the MTNA – “Kurtag” 90th birthday celebration
EPTA Latvia – 17th International Academic Music Competition, Jurnala 2016
EPTA Netherlands – many of the papers presented at the 2015 EPTA European Conference in Amsterdam are published in a special edition of its journal, Piano Bulletin
EPTA Serbia–Vojvodina – Panopticum Musicum International Summer; Dorian Leljak resigned, we welcome Tatjana Vukmanović as the new president
EPTA Slovenia – supported the 6th International Carinthian Piano Competition

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January–April 2016

EPTA Austria – new President is Prof. Till Alexander Körber
EPTA Belgium Wallonie / Bruxeles – The 13th “Rencontres Internationales des Jeunes Pianistes”
EPTA Croatia – The 10th EPTA International Piano Competition for Young Pianists
EPTA Denmark – Elsebeth Brodersen reisgned, the new President is Ulla Erml
EPTA Latvia – The 17th International Academic Music Competition
EPTA Serbia–Vojvodina – Musica Ricercata International Winter School; The 8th International Isidor Bajić Piano Memorial Competition

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September–December 2015

EPTA Armenia – International Duo Competition
EPTA Austria – Professor Anton Voigt is not running for re-election
EPTA Wallonie / Bruxelles celebrated 25 years 
EPTA Italy – The XXVth Chopin Roma International Competition

EPTA Latvia – The 3rd International Competition
EPTA The Netherlands – 37th European Conference of EPTA Associations

EPTA Romania – Constantin Ionescu-Vovu decided to step down as the president
EPTA Russia – Festival “OPUS 15” in Denmark
EPTA Slovenia – 15th Anniversary of its Annual Conference
EPTA UK welcomes Carole Booth as its new Administrator

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Founded by Carola Grindea in 1978 in London it has today grown along with the expansion of the European borders. Every association organizes its own congresses, workshops, seminars, recitals, masterclasses and is committed to present Young Artists Platforms, Competitions and European Young Artists Festivals. An Annual Conference of all EPTA Associations is held every year in a different country under the presidency of the host Association.



Carola Grindea (1914–2009)



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