Past Events

The 38th International EPTA conference was held in Reykjavík, 22nd–25th September 2016. The conference was very well attended with over 160 participants. EPTA Iceland would like to thank all those how took part, especially the many who gave a lecture or a recital at the conference and, by doing so, made it such a great event.

Iceland 2016

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22nd–25th October 2015 EPTA NETHERLANDS hosted the extremely successful 37th European Conference of EPTA Associations in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam. EPTA is most grateful to the wonderful Committee of EPTA Netherlands for all their hard work in preparing this most interesting Conference.










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Proceedings of the 37th European Conference of EPTA Associations:

EPTA Netherlands has published the majority of the papers presented at the European EPTA Conference Amsterdam 2015 in a 136-page, special edition of its full color journal Piano Bulletin. EPTA Netherlands offers the possibility to download a FREE high resolution copy of the Proceedings through their website.

You are also welcome to order a paper copy, available for: €16,50 each (including postage) for orders outside the Netherlands. Payment in advance. Please email:

Murray McLachlan, EPTA Executive Committee Chair,
speaking about the benefits of EPTA after the 2014 EPTA International Conference in Oslo, Norway:




Founded by Carola Grindea in 1978 in London it has today grown along with the expansion of the European borders. Every association organizes its own congresses, workshops, seminars, recitals, masterclasses and is committed to present Young Artists Platforms, Competitions and European Young Artists Festivals. An Annual Conference of all EPTA Associations is held every year in a different country under the presidency of the host Association.



Carola Grindea (1914–2009)



Piano Journal

The first European magazine devoted entirely to the PIANO in all its aspects is published by EPTA.


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