"Chopin in Love"

From 16 to 18 of March 2018 celebrated greek pianist and actor Magda Mavrogianni, assisted by Natalia Michailidou, our president, presented a musical-theatrical event called "Chopin and his students" at the Athens Megaron library. Young talented piano students of EPTA Greece, along with Magda Mavrogianni in the role of George Sand and under the musical direction of Natalia Michailidou, had the chance to come in contact with Chopin's romanticism interpreting his lovely works. It was a unique opportunity for them to come to know the works of this great composer through the dramatized presentation of the most important aspects of his life and character. The scene is set in Chopin's salon where his lover and writer George Sand is preparing the dinner with danteles and lovely porcelaine. In a while, Chopin's students will arrive to play the works he wrote for them. "Ah, Chopin is an angel! Romanticism runs in his veins like music! People fall into delirium while hearing him play the piano!".

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