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PIANO JOURNAL, EPTA’s official organ, is a specialised magazine invaluable to piano teachers and students, pianists and lovers of the piano. It is published three times a year.


  • INTERVIEWS with great pianists of our time,

  • Important articles relevant to piano performance and teaching,

  • Book and Music Reviews, etc.,

  • EPTA NEWS of activities in all EPTA Associations.


Editor: Murray McLachlan (since 2014)

Past Editors: Carola Grindea & Sidney Harrison, Malcolm Troup
Guest Editor: Paul Merrick



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No. 113/2017

Murray McLachlan explores the life, music and unfailing spirit of Mieczysław Weinberg * Helsinki – 39th International Conference of EPTA Associations by Nadia Lasserson * Dinu Lipatti and Eugen Herrigel – An extract from Eric Schoones book “Walking up the Mountain Track, The Zen Way to Enlightened Musicianship” * Short masterpieces by French composers from the beginning of the 20th century: Ferté, Pierné, Goué, Paray and Delvincourt by Diane Andersen * Murray McLachlan talks to husband and wife pianists Dmitri Alexeev and Tatiana Sarkissova * Making Transcultural Connections Through Teaching Piano in China by Dr. Hao Huang and Dr. Tatiana Thibodeaux * Greetings from Slovenia: 19 years of tradition of Slovenian Piano Teachers’ Society – EPTA Slovenia by Primož Mavrič * From the Archives * Reviews * EPTA News


No. 112/2017

Piano Journal 112

Elena Strikovskaya – Medtner Piano Sonatas * David Kuyken in Conversation with Murray McLachlan * Ralph Kirkpatrick: Keyboard Musician by Canadian pianist and teacher Lawrence Jones * Tone Colours on the Piano: Acoustic Predisposition or Contextual Illusion? Part 2 by Miha Haas, Ljubljana Academy of Music, Slovenia  * Teaching the Adult Beginner Piano Student by Jelena Simonović-Kovačević * Forum: EPTA Malta Yesterday and Today by Nancy Lee Harper, with Evelina Batey * From the Archives * Reviews * EPTA News 


No. 111/2017

Piano Journal 111

Kathryn Stott in Conversation with Murray McLachlan * Exploring the piano music of Sir Malcolm Arnold with Paul Harris and Leigh Barnett * Tone Colours on the Piano: Acoustic Predisposition or Contextual Illusion?  by Miha Haas, Ljubljana Academy of Music, Slovenia * Imagine with Impulse Music Consultants – promoting your musical career * From the Archives – by Nancy Litten * Forum – Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – Is it relevant to Piano Teaching and Piano Acquisition Skills? * Obituary: Fernando Laires by Nancy Lee Harper * Reviews * EPTA News 

No. 110/2016


The Characteristics of the International Chopin Festival in Mazovia * Symposium on Piano Competitions * Norma Fisher in Conversation with Murray McLachlan * The challenges facing a new piano teacher by Jean-Luc Hottinger * European Piano Teachers Forum – EPTA Finland * Reviews * Obituary: Peter Feuchtwanger by Heribert Koch  * EPTA Conference 2016 – Iceland * EPTA News 


No. 109/2016

Artur Pizarro in conversation with Murray McLachlan Memories of Moscow: Alicja Fiderkiewicz * The highly original piano technique of Vladimir de Pachmann by Nigel Nettheim * The Distinct Consideration of Piano Performance Technique and Skill by dr. Deng Liang From the Archives * European Piano Teachers’ Forum: EPTA Sweden * Reviews * EPTA News * Obituaries: Sheena Nicoll and Peter Feuchtwanger


No. 108/2016

Piano Journal 108

Noriko Ogawa in conversation with Murray McLachlan * Composer-pianist June Armstrong describes the inspiration behind her new book, Stars * Murray McLachlan explores the different teaching ‘types’ and how best to allow creativity to flow * Reflections on piano teaching, by Nancy Lee Harper * From the Archives – Nancy Litten summarizes and selects excerpts from the first few issues of our EPTA magazine * Reviews * EPTA News * In Memoriam – Maurice Hinson * Remembering the Magic of Peter Katin * In Memoriam – Sheena Nicholl


No. 107/2015

Piano Journal 107

Bach-Busoni Chaconne music examples * 37th Conference of EPTA European Associations held in Amsterdam, 22–25 October 2015 * Interview with Leon McCawley, the distinguished prize-winning British pianist, recording artist and professor of piano at Royal College of Music * Debussy’s Douze études: A centenary celebration * The Complete Sibelius Piano Works * Taneyev’s musical inheritance * EPTA Portugal: Growing Pains and Progress * Reviews *EPTA News


No. 106/2015

Piano Journal 106 cover

Remembering Ronald Stevenson (1928–2015), Patron of EPTA UK * Interview with Carlo Grante * A recorded history of Alexander Scriabin’s Piano Music, Part Two * 45 Years at Chetham’s School of Music, Manchester – Interview with Susan Bettaney * Bach, or Busoni? – How insightful fingering options may enlighten the original spirit of the Chaconne in D minor * European Piano Teachers’ Forum: EPTA The Netherlands * Reviews * EPTA News


No. 105/2015

Piano Journal 105

Interview with Eugen Indjic * The composer as pianist: A Recorded History of Alexander Scriabin’s Piano Music *  Movement Philosophies in Piano Playing * Following in Chopin’s Footsteps – In Search of the Pianist’s Ideal Road * The Goldbergs – A Pianist’s Dilemma? * 2015 European Piano Teachers’ Forum – EPTA Iceland * Reviews * EPTA News


No. 104/2015 

Piano Journal 104

Interview with Benjamin Grosvenor * Jan Ekier – the Inventor of New Chopinology * Memories of Dinu Lipatti * African Folk Music and the Piano Sonata of Hendrik Hofmeyr * European Piano Teachers’ Forum “Simulating and Stimulating” Performance * Reviews * EPTA News 


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