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  • Editorial • A message from EPTA Germany
  • Piano Technique & Musical Artistry by Barbara Lister-Sink
  • Ida Gamulin in conversation with Murray McLachlan
  • On recording the music of Roger-Ducasse by Patrick Hemmerlé
  • Rachmaninov's performance style: Rachmaninov as a concert pianist by Angelina Kopyrina and Laura Ritchie
  • The Originality of Schumann's Early Piano Works by Jui-Sheng Li
  • The rubato story - Chopin: Nocturne in E minor by Paul Hoffman
  • European Piano Teachers' Forum: EPTA Spain by Alberto Urroz with Nancy Lee Harper
  • Variations on a Theme of Chopin by Michael Stembridge-Montavont
  • Analysis of Chopin's Etudes Part 2 Chopin's Etudes: Just how big are they? by Kris Lennox
  • From the Archives by Nancy Litten 
  • Reviews
  • EPTA News