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  • Editorial
  • 42nd EPTA International Conference Report by Nadia Lasserson
  • Living in the Shadows: The Silent Struggle of Pianists with Playing-Related Injury by Barbara Lister-Sink
  • Heribert Koch in conversation with Murray McLachlan
  • Covid-19 and the Piano Concerto by Nancy Lee Harper
  • Chopin's Prelude in E minor: its subtle influence by Raymond Head
  • The "Norma” Fantasies of Thalberg and Liszt: A Comparison by Lisa Yui
  • Music for Solo Piano by John Speight by Kolbeinn Bjarnason
  • Setting the Record Straight: the Controversies of Double Beat Theory by Patrick Hem merle
  • Analysis of Chopin's Etudes Part 3
  • Durational Density by Kris Lennox
  • Reviews
  • NCKP: The Piano Conference 2021
  • EPTA News