I City of Madrid Shigeru Kawai Piano Competition

Epta Spain collaborates with Shigeru Kawai Company in Spain to organize the I Shigeru Kawai Piano Competition in Madrid from 4th to 7th of July, 2019. The competition is open to Spanish and Portuguese pianists as well as residents in Spain from any other country. Important prizes will be given to the 3 top pianists and the winner will go directly to the first round of the Shigeru Kawai Competition in Tokyo. There are some additional prizes to the best interpretations of a baroque, romantic and modern Spanish pieces awarded by EPTA Spain and SPEMI; and additionally a prize to the best interpretation of a Portuguese work by EPTA Portugal. More information on https://concursopiano-shigerukawai.com

Alberto Portugheis, Hitoshi Kobayashi, Brenno Ambrosini, Luís Pipa and Alberto Urroz are the pianist in the jury.

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